Last Post: May 20, 2016

There are many things in life that people like coming back to, no matter how much time has passed, like their favorite book, their favorite movie which makes them cry every time (the closing scenes from Interstellar, Bambi’s mum, a film by Kamal Rashid Khan), a video-game like Trains and Trucks Tycoon, or a certain blog on WordPress which has literally zero (0) readers at any given moment. Its time to get back to writing stuff more often, even if you’re being grounded left, right and center by college work. And by college work I mean the playing video-games, watching TV shows and generally being a lazed sod every minute.

College has been great so far. I’m in my second semester, have made some friends, and generally wasted away four months of my life, living by the day. It most certainly has been a good thing, enabling me to live by my own, responsibly. I also held/hold a job at a website which majorly deals with E-sports. It allowed me to write for someone else in exchange for money and also getting to know some other writers who do the same. And believe me, some of them are batshit crazies alright! That’s one thing you find common in every amateur writer, you find everyone else in your trade, a complete nitwit who doesn’t know what he’s writing about. In college, I’ve been exclusively a member of just one club and you must’ve guessed it. That’s right, its the Astronomy Club! We went on a couple of Skywatches around town and it was a great experience. The annoying thing about Skywatches is, you have to pray before you go.

  • 9 PM: Hmmm it looks like the night will be pleasant with no chance of any clouds whatsoever.
  • 11 PM: Hmmm the Pleiades look mighty fine through the binoculars.
  • 1 AM: Hmmm the Orion looks gob-smacking through the binoculars.
  • 2:30 AM: Hmmm never heard of the Beehive cluster, looks nice though.
  • 3 AM: Fucking clouds.


I don’t know if you guys can see it, but that’s Jupiter and four of its Galilean moons. I captured the photo from my recent Skywatch.

 Within these four months of me being away from home, I’ve only visited the beach only once and that was two weeks ago. The nearest beach is 10 kilometers away, and people whom I’m friends with would rather sleep till 2 PM on a Sunday rather than go to the beach. I learnt to swim at NIT Nagpur or VNIT, whatever you like calling it. I lived a measly five minutes away from it, and it was open to public. I didn’t learn to swim for all the three months I registered for my swimming classes. But then I went on my own, without any help for a month, and lo and behold! I now know how to swim properly! That was 10 years ago. Sometimes its better to learn on your own than being taught, and believe me it doesn’t apply to Math, at least not in my case.

Ever since I’ve come here, I’ve added many hours to some video-games. EVE Online and CS:GO top the charts with Team Fortress 2 coming in second. I own the most sought after thing in CS:GO also, the knife. I recently started playing Trains and Trucks Tycoon which in my opinion is the best simulation game ever! I may be biased because it brings back lots of childhood memories of road building and train running back. Graphic heavy games are taboo on this college issued laptop.


I’ve been listening to a lot of different genres of music these days. From old gangsta rap, to some relatively newer rock from the last decade. I’ll list out some of the better songs of the groups I’ve been listening to lately. I feel proud of converting two of my friends to my kind of music, and in their opinion I am the ever wise, all knowing musical god who can recommend the best in music for every taste. That’s what you get from over 300 gigabytes of some kick-ass music collection! I’m listening to Casey Kasem dishing out the Billboard’s Top 100 songs of the year 1985 by the way and its currently playing Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones; he’s got great hair!

This music video is really cute!

This, is the universe crying out the ultimate message to me!

These last two passages are a turning out to be a drag don’t you think? I left for dinner whilst I was writing about swimming and when I came back, the motivation to complete it kind of drowned, and the want of some random YouTube bingeing (is that even a word?) took over. This happens every day, that’s the grind now. Welcome To College, I guess.

Last Post: May 20, 2016

A Summer of Opportunities

So like every summer, this summer started on a high note. I like summers. Nay, I love summers. The smell of freshly cut grass from the front lawns, some light gaming on this potato PC of mine (read on for a surprise), and some great music from the likes of Tycho and Moby to ward off those lazy afternoons. Although I had tonnes of exams in the two months that I’ve been absent here (I won’t apologize, deal with it!) I also had some really great moments. Now that all of the exams are done I am officially free from bullshit for the first time in months (read: officially).

I had applied for an internship at IGN India back in March after my contract with JIB TV expired. Basically, I wanted to spend all the non-exam days of the summer interning about the things that I am crazy about and at the firm that is to die for. I started there in May but had to wrap things up by June . The primary reason being, I was called for the admission process for colleges in Chennai. That reason was the nail in the coffin. I don’t blame the guys at IGN in any way, in fact they were more than ready to get me on board after the internship of 2 months. But I couldn’t finish what I started, because I am a bungling idiot who doesn’t have a plan.


I also convinced my parents to upgrade my potato PC to something Uber powerful. I cashed out all the money I had earned and ordered a band new Nvidia GTX 970 from (Its way cheaper there than on the Indian site). Two days later, Nvidia announced the Pascal lineup arriving in June. I refused the order whilst it was at my doorstep for delivery and the poor old man had to lug all of the parcels back to his smallish bike. I feel terrible for doing that! The whole rig upgrade is set back by at least two more months and that gives me plenty of time to focus on what course I want to join in college. I am edging towards selecting a Science degree in Economics or Statistics but like every plan I’ve ever planned, things may go totally out of order in zero time.


Speaking of plans, I was supposed to go to my friend’s seaside home in Konkan along with some other friends. But the bastards changed their minds at the eleventh hour. So here I am, typing away all that has happened to me throughout the summer and still waiting for opportunities. The future doesn’t look perfect yet, but some greater things are surely afoot. And with that, I bid you guys to keep up with all my crazy shit!

A Summer of Opportunities

And one more thing…

Its been a while since I posted my brain droppings here. I really wanted to continue updating the blog regularly but board exams held me back. But now I am back and am here to stay! So in this long exile from blogging, I landed a small-ish writing job at NHK World TV, for which I’ve been busy working on. But the contract has expired and am now free for a good three months or so.

A lot has changed over the many months actually, including my musical preference and favorite podcasts! I now listen to 80’s new wave and pop music all thanks to the greatest video game soundtrack of all time! Yes I am talking about Vice City baby! If you know me, you may also know that I perform a ritual every year in the spring break, which is in fact a playthrough of Grand Theft Auto- Vice City. I completed the annual playthrough just a few days back and I just cannot get enough of the details in the game! You would find it astonishing that I spent almost a day listening to all the programs on K-CHAT (the length of which is around 6-7 hours). Everytime I play that game I cannot help but cry at how brilliant the game is. I literally am reduced to tears when I hear ELO rocking Four Little Diamonds on Flash FM. The reason I cannot stop playing the game is because of the game’s setting. 1980’s- the era for new wave and synth pop, the coming of the Second British Invasion and discotheques! That was the time of some really great TV shows like Miami Vice, M.A.S.H. and Dallas. Given a choice, I would travel back in the 80’s in a hiccup! The brilliant game just fuels my passion for the era and hey, who can forget Scarface huh?


I have been an ardent follower of StarTalk radio hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson but I am also hooked to another great podcast called Planet Money by NPR. So what it does is explain all the real world economics in layman terms. Its funny, adventurous and bi-weekly. I’ve been into audiobooks but I recently read two books in a week! One is called Red Dwarf by Grant & Naylor and the other is by Stephen Fry titled Making History. Both of them are science fiction, funny and focus on time travel for the most part. I would recommend these books if you’re into time travel and other sci-fi stuff.

I didn’t get any time to play any video game in a whole year but I’ve expanded my Steam library. I’ve been dying to play H1Z1 and Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited with my Canadian friend but my rig cannot keep up! Hell it can’t even play Vice City without crashing from CPU Overvoltage. I know I should replace my SMPS, but almost everything about my PC is fucked up. Only one R.A.M. slot functions on the motherboard and all of my U.S.B. ports are bust. The stock fan on my graphic card is worn off so I have to rely on a makeshift ventilation system by attaching spare cabinet fans to the heatsink held together by a couple of rubber bands. So what I am going to do is, I am going to invest all of my hard earned money from that writing job I had into a killer rig that can play all of the latest video games.


There’s been a lot going on in outer space while I was away studying for my exams. To start off, the New Horizons space probe completed its fly-by of Pluto in July last year and it has sent some really amazing data back. It is yet to complete it’s secondary mission- to observe and analyze some Kuiper Belt objects, but that is a few years away. Scott Kelly returned home from the ISS after complete a whole year in space! The Mars One project is postponed yet again and frankly, I don’t see humans stepping on Mars until 2040’s.

I guess that is all for this post folks! I will try to update this blog regularly, well I’ve been saying that but failing to write!

As the great late Casey Kasem used to everytime on AT40, I bid you to ‘Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars’

And one more thing…

Zaphod Beeblebrox from Betelgeuse snaps when you say- “Hi there!”


This quote is from a book called The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Fascinating book!

So a lot of time has passed since my last post and things have gone South for me mostly. We’ll talk about my exam thingie in the next post, okay? So how have you been? I’ve been meaning to update this blog regularly but can’t find the time to do so in between all the sleeping, music and whining about the rains.

Yes the rains have begun. The useless-est 4 months for a person like me. The day starts like this-

Wake up (Moby- Hotel Intro as my alarm)

Look outside the window.

Whine about the rains.

This goes on all day even when I am eating.

I have sentenced myself to an exile from any sorts of gaming for atleast a year and it’s going well I must say! But I managed to play 3 of the Grand Theft Auto games this March and I was stunned by the video game’s soundtrack. Any hardcore gamer will understand that there’s a lot more to gaming than just complete the mission or the storyline. And among that is the appreciation of art in the video game. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is THE best GTA game ever made according to me. The era, the location, the feels!

Here is the most amazing radio station from Vice City.

Flash FM

80’s Miami ❤

Moby shines again! You must have listened to Play (1999), but have you listened to Play- The B sides (2001)? If not, then you’ve gotta check it out!

Whispering Wind

The Pluto Files

So New Horizons is very very very close to Pluto and it’s moons. It’s got some awesome images of the DWARF PLANET (not a planet, not since 2006) and its moon Charon

Dr. Tyson explained, “If Neptune were analogized with a Chevy Impala in mass, then how big is pluto compared to that? Pluto would be a matchbox car sitting on the curb.”

New Horizons will be there on 14-15th July 2015 (surprise surprise!) then after it’s primary mission, will head out in the cosmos to look at other outer space crap (Kuiper Belt Objects).

Click here to see Pluto and Charon

Suggest me some music and I shall listen to it.

I am active on Facebook, Twitter and on Quora!

And as the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’s cover states,

‘Don’t Panic’

Zaphod Beeblebrox from Betelgeuse snaps when you say- “Hi there!”


Hi there! I am back after a long time and boy am I glad to be back! So a LOT has happened since I last updated this blog. Since it’s peak Summer here, I’ve been listening to some Summery music. Well Eurodance works really great for summer evenings! Plus I got hooked to some new artists too!

So I listened to this song Barbie Girl by Aqua recently while searching some 90’s pop dance music. This sucker was first! I knew only one line of this song and believe me, this is The Best Pop Dance Song of the 90’s. The music video of the song is so catchy and funny. I never could get it out of my head. So I searched some more songs by Aqua, and it turns out they really have some great songs and some weird music videos.

Presented in Aquascope

But apart from the usual Aquascopy dance themed songs, Aqua also has some really nice songs which bring out their variety and show how versatile they are in making music. One such song is called Good Morning Sunshine.

Fun Fact- Did you know actor Will Smith was a DJ in the 80’s and 90’s and was known as DJ The Fresh Prince.

Will Smith was a DJ. I wish I was one. This song is voted by many noteworthy people as The Best Summer Song. Its just so ghetto and cool.

Now to some real Cool Stuff!

Remember Cassini Spacecraft sent to Saturn? Well, it captured some real awesome photos! Check them out! The best among those, I’ll post here. You can see the rest here.

Check out the hexagonal pattern formed on the North Pole. Its due to fluid movement on the cloud due to a rotating and moving body.
Check out the hexagonal pattern formed on the North Pole. Its due to fluid movement on the cloud due to a rotating and moving body.

And this…

This is not some animated stuff. Its the real deal. Cassini was behind the Saturn when it was gleaming in the sunshine. You can see home from here. Look at the body closest to the outermost psuedo looking ring. Thats home. You can also see Luna which is right beside the Earth!
This is not some animated stuff. Its the real deal. Cassini was behind the Saturn when it was gleaming in the sunshine. You can see home from here. Look at the body closest to the outermost psuedo looking ring. Thats home. You can also see Luna which is right beside the Earth!

I watched a film called Sunshine. Its from Danny Boyle and the amazing Cilian Murphy stars in the leading role along with the beautiful Rose Byrne and others! You may know him for playing The Scarecrow in Nolan’s Batman movie series. Its a really interesting movie about a group of astronauts, scientists, long-lost astronauts, trying to save the day. That film is really a must watch if you like some spacey-sci-fi movies.

Well it’s time to sign out folks. Hopefully, I will update it real soon with more interesting stuff. Till then, drink 8 liters of water a day, and keep looking up!


Here’s 2 of my favorite podcast from StarTalk Radio


Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts a radio show called StarTalk Radio every Sunday. It’s a podcast not only about Science, but also about Pop Culture, Fiction and Humor! This is a special podcast for me. Science and Spirituality. Making a guest appearance is His Holiness, The Gyalwang Drukpa Lama. You can listen to other episodes and even download previous episodes here . Here’s the two podcasts-

StarTalk Live! Water World (Part 1)-

StarTalk Live! Water World (Part 2)-

You may not want a career in Science, but this talk is about Economies, Social Awareness and Equality with Science included and humor by Eugene Mirman. Stay tuned to StarTalk Radio and this blog, as I will keep adding some really good podcasts. And as always Neil bids us to “Keep Looking Up!”

Here’s 2 of my favorite podcast from StarTalk Radio

Exams, Music and the horse who said ‘Nay’

I see you got the pun. No? Nay-Neigh? A’neighy’way, okay that’s just too much for today don’t you think? Exams in about 3 weeks for everyone my academic age and yes we’re all so screwed up, at least our very infamous college group. Updates this week would be–

1. (Not really this week but just to let you know) I broke a light in our college class room. Mama is so proud! It all started with a game of catch with around 20-25 people in my class, and no teacher(duh-uh). It was not a ball, not a bomb, no it was a thick plastic bottle. One of my friends hit a tube light accidentally, then everyone became ‘oh-so-cautious’. We decided to play with the cap of the bottle, the ‘booch’, the ‘jhakan’ of the ‘batli’. I got the ‘jhakan’ for the very first time in my hands. Being the athlete I am, I threw the cap horizontally looking to swing it, and aimed at my friend Kedar (Hi Kedar you are mentioned in my post. Celebrate now.) The cap however, swung up and hit the light so frikkin hard, it shattered to pieces. We walked out the room like we didn’t care, and we didn’t. About a couple of days ago I noticed that they had replaced it.

2. I still suck at calculus I think. I mean I can solve everything except Integration. I am doing really great at Chemistry and Biology and Physics.Will solve model question papers now.

3. I have decided to start saving up some money, to buy Elder Scrolls Online in April or May. Yeah it costs a fortune but I have played it and I know it is worth it. So bye-bye new headphones (not really. I’ll buy you in April too, but my priority is you ESO.) New screenshots in TF2- Only one worth showing y’all. Here it is-

Look at that fucker all smiling. He has an arrow to his head.
Look at that douche all smiling. He has an arrow to his head. He’s an enemy scout which moves very fast, yet I literally NAILED HIM.

4. Music, ah yes music. Since a last couple of days, the temperature has gone up(Oooh kenji likes heat!). So according to Desaian calender, I announce the arrival of Summer. Its early but still I get to listen to my favorite summer songs all day. Yay! Summer comes with some great music. I mainly listen to some select songs of some great/awful artists. These songs are only meant for summer, and listening to them in any other season doesn’t give you the feels. Many of the artists are ‘one hit’ artists, meaning they have only a couple of songs that made them famous. Not all though. So I am listening to Hed Kandi again. Hed Kandi is all about clubbing and partying. I would like to suggest some Summer music to y’all-

*Hed Kandi- The Mix- Summer 2006

*The Black Eyed Peas- Meet me Halfway (This song is so good you’ll instantly fall in love with this one. I hate other TBEP songs, all are almost horrible)

*Beach Boys-California Dreamin’

*Haddaway- What is Love

*Daft Punk- Get Lucky/ Instant Crush/ Digital Love/ Voyager

Are haan! Voyager se yaad aya….

NASA’s New Horizons space probe will do a flyby of Pluto in July! I am so frikkin excited!


Also in Astronomy- All the north-Eastern Constellations are visible in our night sky. You can see Orion daily. If in case there is a power cut in all of our city, grab your binoculars, go to the terrace, and look up at the Orion (the hunter)

Orion Orion-Constellation

Look exactly below the center star of the 3 stars in the same line. You’ll see the Orion Nebula. It is a star factory and is the closest nebula to us around 1344 light years from us. Its one of the most fab Deep Space Object (DSO). I am also thinking of investing in a pair of good binoculars for this, but the light pollution in Mumbai tells me not to. I am planning a trip to Mahuli in Thane in May. That area has least light pollution and one can get a good look across the cosmos from there. Contact me if you are interested.

Watched Lord Of The Rings and it’s the best film trilogy ever made. Period. The films are so good that you’ll watch them at least a million times. WB T.V. channel airs one of the movies almost daily.

I think that’s enough for today. You listen to the songs I suggested above and suggest me some Summer songs that you like. And Kartik I listened to Agam and its very good indeed. I did not understand a word of it but music does not need any language! They are all from BITS Goa (my brother studies there). Alrighty people you stay in touch with me through this blog or other means. Stay tuned to derpy Desai preciousssss! Don’t be wicked, tricksy or false! Arrivederci!

downloadGollum (Smeagol) says hi!

Exams, Music and the horse who said ‘Nay’