Exams, Music and the horse who said ‘Nay’

I see you got the pun. No? Nay-Neigh? A’neighy’way, okay that’s just too much for today don’t you think? Exams in about 3 weeks for everyone my academic age and yes we’re all so screwed up, at least our very infamous college group. Updates this week would be–

1. (Not really this week but just to let you know) I broke a light in our college class room. Mama is so proud! It all started with a game of catch with around 20-25 people in my class, and no teacher(duh-uh). It was not a ball, not a bomb, no it was a thick plastic bottle. One of my friends hit a tube light accidentally, then everyone became ‘oh-so-cautious’. We decided to play with the cap of the bottle, the ‘booch’, the ‘jhakan’ of the ‘batli’. I got the ‘jhakan’ for the very first time in my hands. Being the athlete I am, I threw the cap horizontally looking to swing it, and aimed at my friend Kedar (Hi Kedar you are mentioned in my post. Celebrate now.) The cap however, swung up and hit the light so frikkin hard, it shattered to pieces. We walked out the room like we didn’t care, and we didn’t. About a couple of days ago I noticed that they had replaced it.

2. I still suck at calculus I think. I mean I can solve everything except Integration. I am doing really great at Chemistry and Biology and Physics.Will solve model question papers now.

3. I have decided to start saving up some money, to buy Elder Scrolls Online in April or May. Yeah it costs a fortune but I have played it and I know it is worth it. So bye-bye new headphones (not really. I’ll buy you in April too, but my priority is you ESO.) New screenshots in TF2- Only one worth showing y’all. Here it is-

Look at that fucker all smiling. He has an arrow to his head.
Look at that douche all smiling. He has an arrow to his head. He’s an enemy scout which moves very fast, yet I literally NAILED HIM.

4. Music, ah yes music. Since a last couple of days, the temperature has gone up(Oooh kenji likes heat!). So according to Desaian calender, I announce the arrival of Summer. Its early but still I get to listen to my favorite summer songs all day. Yay! Summer comes with some great music. I mainly listen to some select songs of some great/awful artists. These songs are only meant for summer, and listening to them in any other season doesn’t give you the feels. Many of the artists are ‘one hit’ artists, meaning they have only a couple of songs that made them famous. Not all though. So I am listening to Hed Kandi again. Hed Kandi is all about clubbing and partying. I would like to suggest some Summer music to y’all-

*Hed Kandi- The Mix- Summer 2006

*The Black Eyed Peas- Meet me Halfway (This song is so good you’ll instantly fall in love with this one. I hate other TBEP songs, all are almost horrible)

*Beach Boys-California Dreamin’

*Haddaway- What is Love

*Daft Punk- Get Lucky/ Instant Crush/ Digital Love/ Voyager

Are haan! Voyager se yaad aya….

NASA’s New Horizons space probe will do a flyby of Pluto in July! I am so frikkin excited!


Also in Astronomy- All the north-Eastern Constellations are visible in our night sky. You can see Orion daily. If in case there is a power cut in all of our city, grab your binoculars, go to the terrace, and look up at the Orion (the hunter)

Orion Orion-Constellation

Look exactly below the center star of the 3 stars in the same line. You’ll see the Orion Nebula. It is a star factory and is the closest nebula to us around 1344 light years from us. Its one of the most fab Deep Space Object (DSO). I am also thinking of investing in a pair of good binoculars for this, but the light pollution in Mumbai tells me not to. I am planning a trip to Mahuli in Thane in May. That area has least light pollution and one can get a good look across the cosmos from there. Contact me if you are interested.

Watched Lord Of The Rings and it’s the best film trilogy ever made. Period. The films are so good that you’ll watch them at least a million times. WB T.V. channel airs one of the movies almost daily.

I think that’s enough for today. You listen to the songs I suggested above and suggest me some Summer songs that you like. And Kartik I listened to Agam and its very good indeed. I did not understand a word of it but music does not need any language! They are all from BITS Goa (my brother studies there). Alrighty people you stay in touch with me through this blog or other means. Stay tuned to derpy Desai preciousssss! Don’t be wicked, tricksy or false! Arrivederci!

downloadGollum (Smeagol) says hi!

Exams, Music and the horse who said ‘Nay’

2 thoughts on “Exams, Music and the horse who said ‘Nay’

  1. Kartik Iyer says:

    Thanks for the summer songs. And LOTR is ” PREICOUS “. I have given Mahuli a visit, although in broad daylight;trekking. Got lost and climbed a wrong mountain! Well, I am ready to give it another visit. Just tell me when!May The Force Be With You! All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a tough one to climb they say. We can do it in May if you like. We can ask Ajinkya too. Aditya Gadkari is ready. All we need is a good star map which we can get on the internet. I am yet to watch The Hobbit, but cannot now. Have to focus on studies now. Good luck to you too! And yes I haven’t watched Star Wars Episode 5,6,1,2,3. Only the 4th one. That too with Pizza! Stay tuned to this blog!


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