Zaphod Beeblebrox from Betelgeuse snaps when you say- “Hi there!”


This quote is from a book called The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Fascinating book!

So a lot of time has passed since my last post and things have gone South for me mostly. We’ll talk about my exam thingie in the next post, okay? So how have you been? I’ve been meaning to update this blog regularly but can’t find the time to do so in between all the sleeping, music and whining about the rains.

Yes the rains have begun. The useless-est 4 months for a person like me. The day starts like this-

Wake up (Moby- Hotel Intro as my alarm)

Look outside the window.

Whine about the rains.

This goes on all day even when I am eating.

I have sentenced myself to an exile from any sorts of gaming for atleast a year and it’s going well I must say! But I managed to play 3 of the Grand Theft Auto games this March and I was stunned by the video game’s soundtrack. Any hardcore gamer will understand that there’s a lot more to gaming than just complete the mission or the storyline. And among that is the appreciation of art in the video game. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is THE best GTA game ever made according to me. The era, the location, the feels!

Here is the most amazing radio station from Vice City.

Flash FM

80’s Miami ❤

Moby shines again! You must have listened to Play (1999), but have you listened to Play- The B sides (2001)? If not, then you’ve gotta check it out!

Whispering Wind

The Pluto Files

So New Horizons is very very very close to Pluto and it’s moons. It’s got some awesome images of the DWARF PLANET (not a planet, not since 2006) and its moon Charon

Dr. Tyson explained, “If Neptune were analogized with a Chevy Impala in mass, then how big is pluto compared to that? Pluto would be a matchbox car sitting on the curb.”

New Horizons will be there on 14-15th July 2015 (surprise surprise!) then after it’s primary mission, will head out in the cosmos to look at other outer space crap (Kuiper Belt Objects).

Click here to see Pluto and Charon

Suggest me some music and I shall listen to it.

I am active on Facebook, Twitter and on Quora!

And as the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’s cover states,

‘Don’t Panic’

Zaphod Beeblebrox from Betelgeuse snaps when you say- “Hi there!”

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