And one more thing…

Its been a while since I posted my brain droppings here. I really wanted to continue updating the blog regularly but board exams held me back. But now I am back and am here to stay! So in this long exile from blogging, I landed a small-ish writing job at NHK World TV, for which I’ve been busy working on. But the contract has expired and am now free for a good three months or so.

A lot has changed over the many months actually, including my musical preference and favorite podcasts! I now listen to 80’s new wave and pop music all thanks to the greatest video game soundtrack of all time! Yes I am talking about Vice City baby! If you know me, you may also know that I perform a ritual every year in the spring break, which is in fact a playthrough of Grand Theft Auto- Vice City. I completed the annual playthrough just a few days back and I just cannot get enough of the details in the game! You would find it astonishing that I spent almost a day listening to all the programs on K-CHAT (the length of which is around 6-7 hours). Everytime I play that game I cannot help but cry at how brilliant the game is. I literally am reduced to tears when I hear ELO rocking Four Little Diamonds on Flash FM. The reason I cannot stop playing the game is because of the game’s setting. 1980’s- the era for new wave and synth pop, the coming of the Second British Invasion and discotheques! That was the time of some really great TV shows like Miami Vice, M.A.S.H. and Dallas. Given a choice, I would travel back in the 80’s in a hiccup! The brilliant game just fuels my passion for the era and hey, who can forget Scarface huh?


I have been an ardent follower of StarTalk radio hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson but I am also hooked to another great podcast called Planet Money by NPR. So what it does is explain all the real world economics in layman terms. Its funny, adventurous and bi-weekly. I’ve been into audiobooks but I recently read two books in a week! One is called Red Dwarf by Grant & Naylor and the other is by Stephen Fry titled Making History. Both of them are science fiction, funny and focus on time travel for the most part. I would recommend these books if you’re into time travel and other sci-fi stuff.

I didn’t get any time to play any video game in a whole year but I’ve expanded my Steam library. I’ve been dying to play H1Z1 and Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited with my Canadian friend but my rig cannot keep up! Hell it can’t even play Vice City without crashing from CPU Overvoltage. I know I should replace my SMPS, but almost everything about my PC is fucked up. Only one R.A.M. slot functions on the motherboard and all of my U.S.B. ports are bust. The stock fan on my graphic card is worn off so I have to rely on a makeshift ventilation system by attaching spare cabinet fans to the heatsink held together by a couple of rubber bands. So what I am going to do is, I am going to invest all of my hard earned money from that writing job I had into a killer rig that can play all of the latest video games.


There’s been a lot going on in outer space while I was away studying for my exams. To start off, the New Horizons space probe completed its fly-by of Pluto in July last year and it has sent some really amazing data back. It is yet to complete it’s secondary mission- to observe and analyze some Kuiper Belt objects, but that is a few years away. Scott Kelly returned home from the ISS after complete a whole year in space! The Mars One project is postponed yet again and frankly, I don’t see humans stepping on Mars until 2040’s.

I guess that is all for this post folks! I will try to update this blog regularly, well I’ve been saying that but failing to write!

As the great late Casey Kasem used to everytime on AT40, I bid you to ‘Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars’

And one more thing…

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