A Summer of Opportunities

So like every summer, this summer started on a high note. I like summers. Nay, I love summers. The smell of freshly cut grass from the front lawns, some light gaming on this potato PC of mine (read on for a surprise), and some great music from the likes of Tycho and Moby to ward off those lazy afternoons. Although I had tonnes of exams in the two months that I’ve been absent here (I won’t apologize, deal with it!) I also had some really great moments. Now that all of the exams are done I am officially free from bullshit for the first time in months (read: officially).

I had applied for an internship at IGN India back in March after my contract with JIB TV expired. Basically, I wanted to spend all the non-exam days of the summer interning about the things that I am crazy about and at the firm that is to die for. I started there in May but had to wrap things up by June . The primary reason being, I was called for the admission process for colleges in Chennai. That reason was the nail in the coffin. I don’t blame the guys at IGN in any way, in fact they were more than ready to get me on board after the internship of 2 months. But I couldn’t finish what I started, because I am a bungling idiot who doesn’t have a plan.


I also convinced my parents to upgrade my potato PC to something Uber powerful. I cashed out all the money I had earned and ordered a band new Nvidia GTX 970 from Amazon.com (Its way cheaper there than on the Indian site). Two days later, Nvidia announced the Pascal lineup arriving in June. I refused the order whilst it was at my doorstep for delivery and the poor old man had to lug all of the parcels back to his smallish bike. I feel terrible for doing that! The whole rig upgrade is set back by at least two more months and that gives me plenty of time to focus on what course I want to join in college. I am edging towards selecting a Science degree in Economics or Statistics but like every plan I’ve ever planned, things may go totally out of order in zero time.


Speaking of plans, I was supposed to go to my friend’s seaside home in Konkan along with some other friends. But the bastards changed their minds at the eleventh hour. So here I am, typing away all that has happened to me throughout the summer and still waiting for opportunities. The future doesn’t look perfect yet, but some greater things are surely afoot. And with that, I bid you guys to keep up with all my crazy shit!

A Summer of Opportunities

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